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Student Prints Buttons

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Button maker machine students                       



Every student, from elementary to high school, needs positive recognition.  With one of our durable button (badge) makers, you can easily provide your students with a professional button rewarding them for positive behavior or recognizing them for their achievement.



For high schools, students will have a hands-on lesson on how a business really works.  Buttons can easily be used as fund raisers--without having to wash a single car.



Our button makers are not just for educational purposes.  Anyone can start their own button making business for a very modest investment.  Large photo buttons can sell for as much as $5 apiece, at a minimal cost to you.  



With the availability of quality computers, digital cameras, and printers to almost everyone, it has never been so easy to design the most attractive buttons inexpensively. 


We have an on-line order form that you can print out and fax or mail to us. If you like to talk to a person, call us at:  

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